• Management of 1 aircraft (consult for more aircrafts)
  • Management of mechanics.
  • Management of 1 aircraft model.


  • Suppliers.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Shipping / collection orders.


  • 1 aircraft model. (Manufacturer, TCDS, AMM, IPC, etc, with all possibilities of TCDS)
  • 1 Aircraft. (Callsign, SN, AMP, Operation type, Certification type(EASA; FAA, Annex-I), specified work center, ATT, year of manufacture, etc)
  • Display of all the Work Orders (WOP- WORK ORDER PACKAGE) related to a registration, being able to access to each WO-WORK ORDER, to see installed material, working hours and comments about what has been done.
  • Visualisation of all the serialised and non-serialised components of a callsign.
  • Registration with all the AMP, CdR, CdA, ARC, AFM, etc
  • Manufactured parts
  • Generic parts.
  • Rules (rotables, directives, inspections, …).
  • TBOs and extensions +/- flying hours, days, %
  • Maintenance organizations
  • Creation of spare parts list according to Rule (rotable/directive/service bulletin) connected to PO (rotable/directive/service bulletin) connected to purchase order.

Work orders

  • Work orders management. Filterable by all the fields of the list..
  • Management of materials and spare parts.
  • Management of dedicated hours. APP for mechanics, to enter hours (different types), spare parts (via BIDI WOP/Spare parts).
  • Generation of work orders in 4 clicks.

Engineering forecast.

  • Simulation of future rules based on TBOs of dates + TBOs of hours based on an average of daily flight hours.
  • Average daily flight hours.
  • Creation of work order packages
  • Findings management.
  • Snags management
  • Work order management


  • Expiration management
  • Spare parts with digitised Form One
  • Manufacturers.
  • Manufactured parts
  • Generic parts.
  • Suppliers.
  • Introduction of parts in work orders, with their Form-1 previously digitalised in Purchase order

Android application for pilots

  • Introduction of hours and landings.
  • Allows uploading of techlog photos.
  • Generation of Snags that can later be converted into WOP from CAMO.
  • Allows to upload photos of the Snags for review from CAMO.